An ongoing collection of pieces for instruments, modified speakers, and electronic sound.

Acousmonium II (2017)

Re-Tuned Melodica and Hacked Tape Recorders


The melodica has been re-tuned to approximate a selection of notes from the 5th octave of an overtone series based on F. However due to the finicky nature of the instrument, a number of these pitches remain slightly out-of-tune, adding strange colors to both just and equally tempered intervals. This is paired with an electronic track featuring similar in-tune-but-out-of-tune just intonation intervals, orchestrated with simple sine and square waves that exploit the distortion that the tape recorders add to the sound.

Performance History

3/24/18 - Ben Wylie - Pyatt Hall, Vancouver, BC - Presented by Vancouver Pro Musica as part of the Sonic Boom Festival

Acousmonium I (2017)

Sine Tones and Speaker Orchestra


Performed by 3 transducers, two hacked tape recorders, two radios, one piano, one gong, and a powered speaker.
No digital effects were used, sonic materials were limited exclusively to sine tones. All manipulations of the sound are produced by the various acoustic characteristics of the speakers.

Performance History

6/20/17 - Gold Saucer, Vancouver, BC - Presented as part of Sawdust Collector's New Works Series