Wind Chimes (2018)

A collection of hanging wind chimes made with materials gathered from the dumpsters, beaches, alleys, and parks around the city. Natural and manufactured detritus is suspended in the air and allowed to sound together, reflecting the disharmony between our human endeavors and the natural world. Viewers were invited to interact with the installation and hear the different sounds produced by the collected materials.

Presented as part of the Vines Art Festival 2018
Trout Lake Park, Vancouver, BC

Signals from the Mountain (2016)

Collaboration with The Public Swoon

An interactive installation by The Public Swoon that digs into the failure and uncertainty of a small group of people who were absent from the 2014 Burnaby Mountain protests against Kinder Morgan. Set within the Pandora Park Field House, the installation presents a selection of fragmented, fictionalized stories of boreholes and incorrect coordinates told through songs, objects and ephemera.

The Public Swoon is: Barbara Adler, Kyla Gardiner, Robert Leveroos and Megan Stewart
Installation by Megan Stewart and Ben Wylie
Exhibition text by Barbara Adler
Audio produced by Barbara Adler, James Meger & Ten Thousand Wolves, with additional sounds & tape loops by Ben Wylie, field sounds by Paul Paroczai
Photos by Lukas Englehardt


The Child and the Spells (2015)

Collaboration with Theater Artist Megan Stewart

An immersive installation featuring sound and objects, created by theatre artist Megan Stewart & composer Ben Wylie. Working from a specific starting point – Ravel’s opera L'Enfant et les Sortilèges – we began a process of telling and retelling the story of the opera through late-night voicemails. Following this exercise, we worked together to create a sonic world and then design the physical space in which it could exist.

Within this installation, fragments of a narrative are perceived through sound and objects – never providing the complete picture but rather opening up a space where the audience can begin to piece things together through their interactions and imaginings.

Perpetual State #3 (2014)

A sound sculpture/installation based on an organ.

Perpetual State #2 (2014)

A sound sculpture/installation based on a hurdy gurdy.